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April 2023

Friday In The Summer
    Drink — pick anything and drink it
Eat — order everything delicious
Play — play while you do what you want

Monday August 10 2023
This season, which has a party-themed atmosphere of eating, drinking, and playing, various clothes are prepared. 

Familiarize yourself
with the rules of the
King's Cup game.

Number nine is rhyme
       NineBust A Rhyme — The player who draws the card has to say a word. The player to their left then has to think of another word that rhymes with it. This continues until a player cannot think of a rhyming word. The player who cannot think of a rhyming word has to drink - The same word cannot be used twice. 

Queen’s Questions
QueenQuestionThe player
who draws the card asks anoth er player a question. This player has to re spond by asking another player a question and so on. The first player who falls to re spond by asking a question has to take a drink

Pocket billiard
        Players take turns shooting the balls, with the goal of sinking their designated group of balls — solid colors or stripes — before sinking the 8-ball.

The old manual board has a good mood

Manual Scoreboards
Regardless of the type of scoreboard used, they typically have two sections to keep track of the score for each player. The left side is used to keep track of one player's score, while the right side is used to keep track of the other player's score. The scoreboard will typically have markers or sliders that can be moved up or down to indicate each player's score.

Abstract paint jean
This is a work of hand-working abstract painting on light blue jeans. Because it is done by hand one by one, individual differences exist and you can feel special.

H.A.N.D. jean & Wagyu on charcoal jean
       H.A.N.D. means 'have a nice day'. We wish the wearer a great day with the pants. Hand-shaped washing on the right back pocket is the point. Among the food eaten at the party, the marbling of beef on charcoal was washed throughout.


Iridescent spray jean
       This is a work that sprayed pink dye on light blue jeans with an air gun. There is also a difference between each individual, and each one is worked by hand.

‘Forever Young’

Before hangover, Late hangout

Situations when people gather at a party


Obviously not all parties are fun. However, if there is a fun party, it will not be remembered as special. It seems that such uncertainty makes me step into a new party with a new person today.

Don’t drink without me

The only good die young

Eat, Drink, Play

You have to try these Irish car bomb 

Choose a mate
Any time you drink,
they drink