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Rustic Brown Couch
My favorite cap exudes a
timeless charm, inviting me to
embrace its cozy allurentage.

This season's subtitle is 'BED AND WINDOW'. "BED" symbolizes the cozy indoors, while the boundary between inside and outside, represented by the "WINDOW", provides its symbolic significance by contrasting the cold exterior world.

You take time to rest
and renew your spirit

during the cold season.

Homegrown Patterns
PatternsConstellations and Plants — To
develop the pattern, we thought about what
you see and feel when you're lying in bed,
relaxed, and looking out the window.

Loved Vintage
Embrace the relaxed and timeless vibes of
yesteryears as our thoughtfully curated
collection effortlessly sets the vintage mood for
your everyday, laid-back style.

Cold wave sucks
Amidst the urban jungle, where skyscrapers
touched the clouds, the cold wave swept in uninvited. In the face of its icy breath, even the bravest souls couldn't help but concede that the bone-chilling
embrace simply sucks.

Brass will only
become more
attractive over time.

Dog License Pendant
A dog license pendant, also known as a dog tag,
is a small metal identification tag that is
typically attached to a dog's collar. It contains information such as the dog's license number, owner's contact information, and sometimes vaccination details. Dog license pendants are used to identify and track dogs, ensuring they are registered with local authorities
and are up-to-date on vaccinations. This helps in reuniting lost dogs with their owners and
maintaining the safety of the community.



Winter dormancy:

 New Symbol Crew Neck,
 Handmade Foil-Coated Jeans

 Garment Dyed Cap, Double-Side Muffler
 And Tin Jean

 Quilting Reversible Bomber Jacket
 H.A.N.D Jean, Dog Tax Keyrings

 The 6oz thick SORONA filling from DuPont™ is quilted with  BACKANDFORTH's proprietary pattern. The H.A.N.D jean of the   23S/S season was renewed by improving the fit and material. 

Brushed Knit Zip-up

 Rustic Brown Couch

 Cold wave sucks

 In the drowsy state, the view beyond the window reveals delicate  tree branches and constellations that have embroidered the sky.

 Choose a three piece suite on hire   purchase in a range of good fabric